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Developed by ABB almost 30 years ago. It is installed in more than 500 offshore applications worldwide. Safeguard is certified for SIL3 according to the IEC 61508 standard. It can be installed as a separate safety system or integrated with our System 800xA control system.

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Optimizing power plant operations is a continuous activity which has direct impact on plant profitability. From a power generator’s vantage point, the plant must produce maximum output during the times when the price per KWH is the highest. To make this happen, all the plant assets must be performing at their peak during this time.For maximum plant performance, power generators can take advantage of the Plant Operations Optimization suite. A common environment for Operators, Maintenance, and Management to collaborate on operational efficiency.

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Why ABB?Reliability: Numerous proven installations in all sizes, with the long-term support from the world’s leading control system companyScalability: Easy to operate and easy to scale without disruptions to the grid; reduce labor costs while improving energy savings and adding new revenuesFlexability:  You’re in control: together we’ll adapt the systems to your business model and objectives